Je'Dah Madison Palmer is a 20 year old native of Princeton, West Virginia. She has toured and traveled extensively around the East Coast as a lead singer for the all female Funk band "The Change". Now emerging as a solo artist, she is exploring her own singer/songwriter vibe. As former contestant on "The Voice on Snapchat", and mentored by Alicia Keys herself. She has a taste for R&B, Soul and FunK. She is heavily influenced by artists like India Arie, Brandy, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and Alicia Keys. This young artist's style is deep, introspective and soulful. She's a lively performer, and sets a beautiful vibe with any venue she steps into.

"I feel the reason I was put on this earth is simply to heal humanity through music. It can be overwhelming at times, feeling the weight of the world in your heart. However, as a singer/songwriter writing music and performing is an outlet for me to express myself and concerns for this world, our generation etc. What a wonderful gift to have, I'm extremely blessed."


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I appreciate you all more than you know. I'm hoping to invest in some recording and video equipment so I can make better quality music and videos for you all. I'm excited to pursue this 100%. Thank you to everyone who has followed me this far on my journey.

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